Current Advocacy Project

In the fall of 2020, members of the mutual aid working group submitted an application for funding to the Laughing Gull Foundation to support the development of advocacy work across the South. As part of this grant work, the Mutual Aid & Advocacy team surveyed students in higher education in prison programs across the South on what they considered their most pressing policy needs. Students also provided advices to the Collective on supporting existing policy & advocacy efforts.

Based on the feedback of over 230 students from 8 different states, the Southern Collective is working on two advocacy projects:

  1. Creating advocacy modules with accompanying resources to support the development of advocacy skills for students in HEP programs across the South, and;
  2. Organizing a parole reform campaign across the 12 states represented in the Collective.

If you interested in supporting either of these projects or joining the Mutual Aid & Advocacy working group, please contact Karla Coleman Garcia at

Ongoing Actions & Advocacy

Mutual Aid working group forming in 2020, members of the Southern Collective have led or supported carious efforts to provide necessary resources and support to our communities. Some of these examples include:

  • Hygienic supplies drive for prisons in Florida led by the Florida Coalition for Higher Education in Prison
  • Commissary deposits for students in Mississippi
  • Fundraiser for Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
  • Participation in the Study & Struggle Curriculum
  • Supporting locally-based relief efforts for justice-involved individuals impacted by Hurricane Ida