11th National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP)

Thursday November 11 – Sunday November 14

The theme for this conference is: What is To Be Done? This question has led to the questioning of the intersections of theory and practices, and the seeking of the most effective strategies to organize and build resistance.

This weekend will be full of presentations, open tables, and discussions with answers to this probing question. Speakers will be higher education professionals, current and former students, activists, and other community members.

We, the Southern Collective, will be presenting with the title, “Solidarity & Action: Workshop on Engaging in Mutual Aid & Student-centered Policy-issue Advocacy at the State and Regional Level.” Taking the format of a workshop, our goal is to share information and insight as to how mutual aid principles can be put into action through direct-action support and advocacy campaigns.

Those of us presenting are: Patrick Bahls (University of North Carolina), Karla Coleman Garcia (Tennessee Higher Education in Prison Initiative), Thomas Fabisak (Chillon Project at Life University), Stephanie Gaskill (Operation Restoration), and Katie Owens-Murphy (University of North Alabama).

Website for more information on NCHEP can be found here: https://www.higheredinprison.org/2021-nchep